Our Service

Aevinternal Software Pvt Ltd software service offerings are designed to provide value to customers wherever they are on the software life cycle. Moreover, we continue to assist customers as they move along the life cycle curve. The services are engineered to provide the maximum flexibility to customers. The degree of management control, location of service delivery and costs can be tailor made to suit specific customer needs and budget. Robust methodologies support the service delivery mechanism. These methodologies help us to maximize our flexibility for accomodating client needs without sacrificing the basic and essential attributes such as resource planning, process visibility, risk reduction and project control.

Software Maintenance

We understand that on going maintenance of software applications are a core requirement of customers. We have real life methodologies to provide this support to your existing software. Maintenance services include:

Usually, this service is delivered through a hybrid onsite-offshore model which brings down operational costs significantly while providing the facility of local point of interaction to customers

Quality Assurance & Testing

At our Kolkata facility, we have engineers who are trained in formal quality assurance methods and tools. Moreover, we have the ability to scale quickly so that we enable you to launch your products in time without sacrificing on quality.

Custom Application Development

All our software are developed in our facilities using the "Software Factory" approach. This approach ensures

Our style of architechture reaffirms our commitment in designing systems through the use of re-usable components. We have extensive skills in defining component boundaries for fine grain or coarse-grained components. This ensures maximum component re-usability, spanning across applications.

System Integration

The trend in corporate information systems organizations is to implement business processes through shrink wrapped off-the-shelf software applications. However the reality is that no OTS software can encompass all the possible unique processes of a business. The result – a winning combination of custom software, legacy code and off-the-shelf software. Business users want to view and interact with corporate systems as one seamless entity, and it is the goal of the systems organization to hide this complexity behind simple, intuitive, single log-on interfaces. Aevinternal Software Pvt Ltd helps in this endeavor by leveraging its extensive experience in implementing and customizing application suite, its experience in legacy code sustenance and expertise in developing custom applications.